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Great results, on time and on budget.

Our studio offers integrated 3D printing, commercial photography, web design, marketing solutions, and bespoke development solutions to corporates, makers and individuals around the world. We are in business since 2012 and have made dozens of happy clients since then.

International exposure and expertise

Our company originated in Brazil and has now New Zealand as its homeland. The multi-cultural and multi-language experience we have been through in the past few years certainly gives us a head start on launching your company and communicating your message to the global markets. Our approach is eclectic, multi-language and multi-cultural.

In-house resources throughout the way

Differently from most agencies, we use exclusively in-house resources on performing our work. All the design, development and deployment are done by our own professional team, with no outsourcing. This is part of our quality assurance program, which is in place to guarantee our clients receive a comprehensive and effective support along the way.

Business focused approach

We are a result-driven company and we like to stick ourselves to clear and measurable performance metrics. Being you a business, a maker or a big corporate, we will make sure you get true value from what we're doing. Our products and services are structured to offer you solutions that will bring you the results you want, the way you want. You can rely on us!

A history of success.

It all started out of our passion for creating great websites back in the day. Since then, a lot changed, we got better, the company grew, new technologies arrived, we have brought dozens of brick and mortar business to the web, pioneered professional 3D printing in New Zealand and have consolidated our products and services on a solid and sustainable business. Though, our mission remains unchanged: to create true value to to our clients through well-tailored and integrated creative solutions.

Affordable and professional 3D printing in New Zealand.

By democratising access to this revolutionary technology we are also promoting innovation and creativity. Our company offers easy prototyping, general printing, and modeling services - all on demand. We have access to a repository with more than 20,000 ready-to-print models that can be purchased by anyone in the country, with the final product being delivered to their front door in a matter of just a few days. Our service is fast, precise and affordable.

Accessible drone and commercial photography.

We can serve a wide array of businesses with professional drone and commercial photography. Our technology and equipment, topped with our years of experience will ensure you always get the best results on an accessible and affordable manner.

Bespoke development solutions.

As a result of a need from our existing clients, we have structured and implemented a bespoke development solutions platform to help developers, businesses, and projects to get out of the ground. Quality always ranks #1 in our list of priorities when it comes to our services, and this one is no exception. You're in for blazing fast, reliable, and affordable solutions.

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