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We are capable of providing top-tier managed IT services to all of our clients . These services have been organically incorporated to our portfolio as our client-base grew and many of our customers kept coming back for support with their IT stuff. Today we run a full-scale service for registering the domains we use, hosting the websites we create, and sorting out technological tweaks to allow our clients to effectively use and operate our creations. We also have recently added to our already amazing services portfolio, support for setting up, hosting and training your staff to use SuiteCRM®, one of the most used and powerful open source CRM platforms out there. We love seeing our clients to thrive, and knowing that we have been an important part in that process is what really drives us forward.

How can we help?

On building a new website or registering a new domain, we can help you on setting up your corporate email, offering you the option to use our online platform (similar to GMail®) or setting up a client software account (such as Microsoft Outlook®). Either way, we will make it happen for you.

Once you have engaged with us, we can setup your office’s new computers, dealing with your email clients, software installations, licencing, OEM features and more.

We can register your company’s domain and host your website as part of our web design service. All your information will be safely stored in our Data Centre in Canada, with periodic backups being run and stored in our secondary Data Centre in New Zealand. Unfortunately we do not provide domain registering and hosting if you have not previously engaged with us for a web design service.

We can setup, host and train your staff to operate SuiteCRM®, which is one of the most incredible CRM platforms out there. A solid CRM system will be a powerful tool to your sales team, helping them on lining up their leads and organising their sales on a comprehensive and effective way.

Nothing is worse than a frozen computer in the middle of a working day, right?! We offer real-time 24/7 IT support to our clients worldwide. Our goal is always to be as responsive and effective as possible, to let you worry about what really matters and keep working.

* We only provide these services to existing clients or clients that have previously engaged with our company through some of our other services.

Worry not! We are here, to save the day!

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