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Working from home is a concept that has been earning more and more space among small and big companies all around the world. The virtualization of your office can bring extensive benefits to your team and to your business, helping you on reducing operating costs whilst encouraging a healthier work and life balance, with a lot more flexibility to your employees. We have put together an essential Virtual Office Package to bring your company to the cloud and allow your team to work from anywhere.

The basics you will be able to do:

  • Chat and message your team members in real-time
  • Make unlimited video calls
  • Share your screen with the rest of your team
  • Cooperatively create and manage your business' files
  • Access, create and manage company files even when offline
  • Create, alter and manage documents

Ideal for all businesses, but specially to those:

  • Operating internationally, with team members spread around the globe
  • Seeking to modernise and streamline their operations
  • Wanting to setup a virtual office as a contingency working plan in case their office becomes inaccessible
  • Looking for reducing operating costs with lease and office facilities
  • Brand new to the market, still on the process of structuring their company

The Packages

With the basic package you’ll get:

  • Full Google Drive® setup with Backup & Sync® for online and offline file management
  • Proprietary corporate file management system
  • Optional Microsoft Ofice 365® setup and licencing
  • Optional Microsoft Outlook® setup and licencing
  • Optional Open Office™ setup
  • Optional Google Docs® setup
  • Microsoft Skype® setup
  • Slack® setup
  • Up to one hour of dedicated IT support


From: US$ 390/one-off, per device

With the premium package you’ll get:

  • All from the basic package plus ↓
  • Up to four hours of dedicated IT support
  • Optional corporate phone setup (VoIP) for more than 55 countries*

From: US$ 590/one-off, per device

* VoIP subscription to be discussed separately and paid on a monthly-basis.

T&C's: 1. By opting out of an optional service, no credit will be generated towards the package value; 2. Licences not included and should be paid separately and directly to the third-party companies providing the software, service or SaaS; 3. Dedicated IT support to be provided via Skype® or phone call; 4. If the support service is extended beyond the time comprised by the package, an extra US$ 75 per hour will be charged, with a minimum charge of US$ 50; 5. We are not responsible for maintaining or providing support for any third-party services and/or software to be installed and licenced; 6. We preserve the right to change this terms and conditions without previous warning.

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